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This Week in Horror - May 1, 2017 - Rawhead Rex, Unbreakable, ... Night Shyamalan is making a sequel to Unbreakable and Split, and The X-Files will return for an 11th season!

)B♭4 ("Awaken", "Believe", "Bound", "Decadence", "Deify", "Devour", "Droppin' Plates", "Enough", "Facade", "Fear", "Haze", "I'm Alive", "Inside the Fire", "Intoxication", "Land of Confusion", "Legion of Monsters", "Liberate", "Meaning of Life", "Never Again", "Old Friend", "Open Your Eyes", "Overburdened", "Pain Redefined", "Parasite", "Perfect Insanity", "Sacred Lie", "Stricken", "Ten Thousand Fists", "The Curse", , "The Night", "Torn", "Vilify", "Voices", "Want", "What Are You Waiting For?

It was the right protest song at the right time, a brooding anthem for the Vietnam generation. You can imagine Disturbed clenching their fists, holding back manly tears as they sing about what we’ve lost – “people writing… In the ‘60s, buying a Simon & Garfunkel record signified that you were likely literate, politically liberal, and against the conservative status quo.

The Brennan Rock and Roll Academy held its third anniversary celebration Saturday night (March 26th) in Sioux Falls with possibly its most important lineup to date.

From the opening week back in 2013 that featured appearances by Night Ranger, Alice Coo...

He's most known for his distortion technique and rapid fire, sometimes quasi rap style vocal passages.

He's also a formidable clean singer as demonstrated in such songs as Darkness, Overburdened, his Sound of Silence cover and Believe as well as possessing a formidable array of highs and lows........................................................

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